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Creek Bank Stabilization Project
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441 Plum Creek Road   Sunbury, PA  
17801                  570 495-4665 Ext 306
Little Shamokin Creek Watershed Association
Creek Bank Stabilization Workers
 Completed Vane Deflector
Rain Barrel Workshop
Stream Management Workshop
Our Photo Album
Little Shamokin Creek
Watershed Association
Email: info@littleshamokincreek-watershed.org
Aquatic Life Survey
Looks Like Fun - Come Join Us!
Volunteers at Construction Project
Volunteers at work
1st Long Ctr. Project  Before Const.
1st Long Ctr. Project During Const.
1st Long Ctr. Project After Const.
Houser Rd Bridge Project Before
Houser Rd Bridge Project During
Houser Rd Bridge Project Complete
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Sunbury Textile Mills
American Chestnut Tree Planting
Trout Derby Golden Trout
Fishing Success
Trout Derby Family Fun
Celtic Fest Fundraiser Volunteers
Hot Sausages  at the Marina
Celtic Fest Visitors
Volunteers Net Trout to Stock
Volunteer Releasing  Trout
Stocking Trout is Fun For All Ages
Girls Catch Big Trout
Fishin Buddies
Daddy Can Do the Yucky Part