Little Shamokin Creek Watershed Association
Rules and Regulations for Pavilion Use

First, we welcome you to the Long Center for Environmental Stewardship and Education. The purpose of
the pavilion on the site is to provide our local community with a place to enjoy social gatherings and
recreation while enjoying the outdoors.   Please be respectful of this property for all to enjoy.

All reservations for use of the pavilion must be made in advance by submitting a Pavilion Use Permit
Application.  This application form is available at the pavilion site, Web Browser “Little Shamokin Creek
Watershed Association” or from any Little Shamokin Creek Watershed Association member.    
Reservations are based on a first come, first serve basis.

There will be no fees for the use of the Pavilion, and/or kitchen/bathroom facilities, however the Little
Shamokin Creek Watershed Association welcomes any donations to offset the cost of pavilion

A refundable Security Deposit in the amount of $100.00 and a check for your donation are required to be
submitted with the application.  If there is any damage, the security deposit will be forfeited and any
additional charges may be assessed as determined by the Little Shamokin Creek Watershed
Association.  If there is no damage, the security deposit will be returned in full.
Returned checks for insufficient funds will be charged an additional $50.00.  

•        Groups, organizations, and individuals using the pavilion area will comply with all association rules
and regulations.
•        All fires and cooking must be confined to, on site permanent grills, portable grills and kitchen area.  
No open fires will be allowed.
•        Renter is responsible for bagging, removing and properly disposing of trash from pavilion area,
bags are not provided.  Please be respectful of the next group using the pavilion.
•        Renter is responsible for returning pavilion and kitchen area (if used) to its original condition/setup.
•        All vehicles must be parked on watershed property.  
•        Renter should make a preliminary inspection of the facility before use and report any damage or
needed repairs.
•        ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – Use of alcoholic beverages shall be in accordance with State Law
and local regulations.  The SALE of alcoholic is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.  All renters shall have a plan to
control alcohol distribution.  Under no circumstances is alcohol permitted outside the immediate pavilion
•        All beverages must be in cans, paper or plastic containers.  Glass containers are not allowed.
•        The hours of use are from dawn to dusk unless preapproved by the watershed association.
•        Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash at all times and accompanied by their owners.  The
owner of the dog will be expected to clean up after their dog and appropriately dispose of waste.   
•        Four wheelers and dirt bikes are prohibited.
•        Firearms and fireworks are prohibited.
•        Loud music is prohibited.
•        Bathroom facilities for your use are available near the pavilion site.  Please be respectful.

QUESTIONS – Contact Dan Ramer (570) 490-8113, Bob Herman (570) 975-9365, Sue Herman (570)
716-0813,               Ted Carodiskey (570) 850-6788, Ed Markowski (570) 286-7696.