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Little Shamokin Creek Watershed Association
Get Involved with the Watershed Group.  We have lots more to do
Your volunteering is critical to our success.
So Please, lend us a hand!
Your contribution of time, material or money will help defray the cost of improving the watershed.
Little Shamokin Creek
Watershed Association
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Logs,oak boards, rocks(12"-24"), grass seed, hay, rebar, mulch, use of heavy equipment
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Since 2008 volunteers have provided over 10,275 man-hours of labor
to enhance, protect and improve Little Shamokin Creek.

VOLUNTEERS have planted many trees on stream banks, sampled creek  water monthly,
cleaned up trash and litter in and along the creek, placed refuse collection barrels along the creek,
held rain barrel workshops, stabilized stream banks using multiple techniques,
provided food and beverages for contractors stabilizing stream banks,
installed “NO MOW ZONE” signs to encourage streamside buffers, held many fund raising events
procured and stocked additional trout, held workshops and creek tours,
developed website and a face book page, procured  grants,
instituted an annual youth trout derby and military fishing day, created a youth only fishing area,
and served as Steering Committee for Sunbury Source Water Protection Plan.

In addition to tasks directly related to the stream, VOLUNTEERS secured funding to purchase a
25 acre farm along the creek to develop an environmental education and stewardship center.  
They removed noxious brush from this property, constructed a large pavilion,
painted the barn, keep the fields mowed,and developed and maintain an
American Chestnut Tree Demonstration Orchard.  

This list is not all inclusive as there are just too many to list all.  

A hardy thanks to all the volunteers whose labors have significantly
improved the health of the watershed.

As you can see all types of volunteers are utilized and not all activities include heavy physical labor.

There are no paid employees of this organization

If you have been considering volunteering to help a civic and/or environmental cause,
now is the time to contact us to help with keeping the watershed remain the gem it is.